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Between Light & Shadow

Image of Between Light & Shadow


Between Light and Shadow
Release Date:2008

Track Listing:
1 Gathering of Souls
2 Dimensions
3 Believer Deceiver
4 Knightserrant
5 Evil of All Corners
6 Twilight Dementia
7 Mirroracle
8 Mystique

Oblivion Myth’s debut has risen to meet a somewhat cult status and building strong support among the underground metal scene.

‘Between Light And Shadow’ kickstarts with the storming ‘Gathering of souls’, a trademark for the band’s style as well as an omen for the following songs’ quality. Well-played US power metal serves as the canvas, on which the band adds some speed/thrash brushes here and there, making the final outcome even more intriguing.

‘Knightserrant’ and ‘Twilight dementia’ are definitely highlights and have helped to create and augment a strong fanbase in the U.S. as well as Europe, thanks to their inspired material and of course their loyalty to heavy metal values.

Andy Freeman : Lead Vocals / Keyboards
Keith Smith : Lead Guitar / Vocals
Chris Selby : Lead Guitar
Patrick White : Bass
Patrick Nickell : Drums

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